Grass-Fed Beef

The story of Sun Fed Beef starts with our Black Angus cows, which range in age from 2-17 years old. Every animal in our herd today is the product of 60+ years of careful breeding and genetic selection. Black Angus cattle are known for producing exceptional beef while being great mothers and easy calvers. Over the decades, we have accentuated these characteristics while adapting the herd to our particular landscape and climate.

We strive to treat each animal in our care with respect and to provide each with a safe, comfortable, and satisfying life. We believe that not only is this the right thing to do, but that it also leads to exceptional beef.


Only ourfemale calves, or heifers are 100% Grass-Fed on our best pastures and hay. After weaning, our heifers will spend the last grazing months of the fall on pasture before coming into the barn for winter. Throughout the winter they will have access to shelter, a large outdoor yard, and fresh spring water, as well as salt and minerals. Because we want them to eat as much as they can, we work hard to ensure that they have 24/7 access to our very best hay.

Winter's Over

When spring arrives, the heifers will head back out to our best pastures, to graze and gain weight through the growing season. We practice rotational grazing, which means that we will move them to fresh pasture at least once per day from May-November. This ensures that they eat as much grass as they can because nothing excites them more than fresh grass! It also ensures the continued productivity of our land. Throughout the grazing season, the heifers have continual access to shade, along with water, salt, and minerals.

Fresh Spring Pasture

The finishing period for our grass-fed heifers is 10-15 months after weaning. Our hard work at genetic selection, rotational grazing, and harvesting top-quality hay enables our heifers to reach a level of finish that produces well-marbled, tender, and flavorful beef. Producing high-quality grass-fed beef requires a great deal of experience, effort, and ingenuity and we are confident that our grass-fed beef is the best on the market.