Eve Ann

Head Farmer / Owner

***Taken from Business Plan.  Probably better for farm history

The business was started in 1939 when Eve Ann’s father, Yissakhar Shwartz bought the first of several dairy farms.  Eventually the farm encompassed more than 1200 acres. In 1948, at the urging of Jean Shwartz, Yissakhar’s wife,  the first Black Angus cattle were purchased. For the next 30 years the farm produced milk which was sold at commodity prices and freezer beef which was direct marketed to local customers. In 1978 the last of the dairy cattle were sold and the operation continued with beef cattle only.  In 1981 Harmon and Eve Ann came home and took over the farming operation. At that time we sold 90 animals per year to the freezer trade.  This peak dwindled because of changing demographics, even as we started farmers market and other direct sales.


Head Farmer / Owner

***Taken from Business Plan.

BS Agriculture Economics from Penn State, grew up in NYC and applied for a Greenmarket job in 1981.  Has been Treasurer of State College, PAFood Coop and Board Treasurer of Mid-York Library System.  Since 1998 also a full time HS biology teacher.  Students and even young colleagues have often been our part time or seasonal employees. 


farmers daughter